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Love Elgin Challenge to Volunteer and Serve Clients

Professional Volunteers

We are seeking professional volunteers in the following areas:

  • Hospitals, Doctors offices, Dental offices, Optometry, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists….who can offer their services Nov 13-14
  • Attorneys to answer legal questions and concerns
  • Barbers, hair stylists, nail technicians
  • Other professionals who think their skills might be a good fit for Love Elgin

We also have an area staffed by representatives from community organizations, both religious and secular, to give information on not-for-profit services they offer.

For more information about volunteering in Professional Services, please contact Pastor Jeorge Holmes @ jeorge.g.holmes@gmail.com

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FITNESS CENTER – November 12-14, 2021
Schedule for LoveElgin.org2021

Friday (9am-3pm – set up everything/medical)
Saturday (6am-8pm – First come first serve)
Sunday (6am-4pm) – First come first serve)
Saturday-Sunday (8am-5pm, transportation)
Sunday (4pm-10pm – tear down/clean up)
SERVANT VOLUNTEERS: 25-30 Friday (set up), 10-15 (Sat/Sun), 25-30 (Sunday tear down)

Registration is required for all volunteers for insurance and legal purposes. Registration is done through REMOTE AREA MEDICAL (RAM), which operates the Heal Elgin Clinic. You can register for both days, one day, or half-day. If you have questions about volunteering for the Clinic, please email Julie, the Heal Elgin volunteers coordinator  Volunteers@HealElgin.Org  


HERRICK CHAPEL – November 12 (set up) and November 13 ONLY
Schedule for LoveElgin.org2020

Friday (6pm-9pm – set up everything)
Saturday (11-1pm (vendors), 1pm-5pm (clients),  5-7pm tear down/clean up)
SERVANT VOLUNTEERS: 20 Friday (set up), 10 (Sat), 20 (Saturday tear down)

LINDNER TOWERS – JUDSON, November 12 (set up) and November 13 ONLY

Schedule for LoveElgin.org2021

Friday (6-10pm – set up for food/clothing)

Saturday (11am-1pm (prepare, pray, organize as needed), 1-5pm, clients served and food distributed), 5:00-7:30pm tear down/clean up)

SERVANT VOLUNTEER: 20 (set up), 20 (Sat: 1-5pm), 20 (Sat: 5-7:30pm tear down)

TRANSPORTATION – November 13-14, 2021
Schedule for LoveElgin.org2021

We need 10-12 passenger vans from churches/community organizations (6-8 vehicles and drivers) on the Judson Campus between 12:30-5:30pm (Saturday-Sunday) for three locations (Sat) and one location (Sun) to help transport vendors/clients to specific services offered on campus. Linder Towers, Fitness Center, Chapel area).

NOTE: All clients will need to find THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION to the Judson Campus to receive services.

SECURITY: (JU security roaming and potential EPD officers (2) roaming campus


Schedule for LoveElgin.org2021

Engage and connect with all intercessors (off campus and on campus – designated areas TBA)

Travel on campus to pray for clients/guest about their lives and share the Good News of the Gospel

Data base information in case of emergency as needed

Support each other for an Restoration/Revival theme of Judson University

Schedule for LoveElgin.org2021

Professional Services (as available: Products, Services, Benefits, Job searches/opportunity, Employment (PT/FT), Training, Temp, etc.
Ministry Potentials (as available: food/clothing connections, church connections, informational data for clients, short/long term help/empowerment, etc.
City of Elgin involvement (as available: Police, Fire, Public, Neighborhood Watch, DNA, BGCA, Food Pantry, PADS, etc.)
Judson University Campus (as available and sign up: Servant Volunteers needed (100 various spots)
Local Churches (Servant Volunteers needed (100 various spots)

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Support Team Volunteers

We will need Support Team volunteers to fill openings in many areas, including the following ASAP as November approaches. We are seeking for fill all volunteer opportunities 2 weeks prior to November 13-14. You can click on a link for the job description):

    • Registration/Guest Services
    • Volunteer Sign-In
    • Prayer Room Team
    • Roaming Prayer on JU Campus
    • Roaming Presentation of Gospel Team
    • Clothing Services
    • Food Services
    • Lunch Service (as available)
    • Set-up and Tear-down Teams

Volunteer sign-in will be at all three locations (Linder Towers, Chapel, Fitness Center).

Click on the button below to sign up today! Please notice that each volunteer area is divided into time slots. Sign up for as many as you want!

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Registration Team

Each location/facility on Saturday and Sunday will have indivdual registration forms and a specific designation that you ahve already signed up to receive resource. You will assist guests at each facility the Registration area and answer questions about the services, locations, times and direction. Help maintain an orderly crowd flow. As the front line making a first impression on our guests, this team particularly requires volunteers with evidence of the fruits of the Spirit (Eph. 5:22-23). Both English and Spanish speakers needed. Volunteers needed: 16.

Guest Services

  • Porters: Help carry LoveElgin clients/guests food and clothing to their cars. Heavy lifting required. Volunteers needed: 40.
  • Roaming the JU campus: People to assist in safely crossing any street/entrance/building/stairs. Volunteers needed: 16.
  • Site Greeters: Welcome guests to a specific assigned area (clothing, food, professional services, etc.) and assist as needed. Volunteers needed: 10.


Volunteer Sign-In

Greet and register volunteers as they arrive for both days, provide name tags, and make sure liability waivers are signed. If needed, give directions for where they should report. Volunteers needed: 18.


Prayer Room Team

Join with others in the Body of Christ to cover the LoveElgin.org event in continuous prayer. Come pray individually or sign up your church prayer team! Shifts are hourly; feel free to sign up for one or more.

LoveElgin NOTE: PRAYER AND INTERCESSION: At homes, in churches and at various spots on JU campus TBA.


Prayer on the Campus (Gospel shared)

Join with others to pray for people on the JU campus and be willing to share your testimony, the Gospel message and consider it an honor to be ministering to people who may be having a rough season…..to bring joy, healing, love and hope.


Clothing Services

Help sort clothes before LoveElgin.org (Friday PM and Saturday AM) in the Linder Towers (1st floor) and/or assist guests/clients and help keep the area straightened up at the event itself.


Lunch Service

We are seeking to provide lunches for those that are volunteering TBA. Please pray because we are still looking for food donations to provide lunch/water/beverage for volunteers. Help prepare and serve lunch (TBA location) for guests and volunteers along with helping to clean up. Volunteers needed: 25


Set-up and Tear-down

Set-up involves unloading food trucks at 5pm-9pm (Linder Towers – outside and helping set up inside Linder Towers Friday night preparing for Saturday distribution. Clean up, helping guest and organizing food accordingly is very important in this area. The set up and tear down is strategic based on making sure all facliities are clean and prepared for next day activities of teh school. Volunteers needed: 80+.

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